12 Volt Air Compressor

  • $539.00

Product Code # DC20

-Replaceable brushes.
-Long-life diaphragm.
-Ball bearings.

This is an excellent value in an American-made, oilless, 12V compressor. This very popular DC air pump is great for mobile use, emergencies and even solar power applications. Specially designed for aquaculture, providing high volume at low pressure (10 psi max). Features ball bearing construction and low amp draw with replaceable diaphragms and brushes for extended life (brushes on motors wear out after about 2,000-3,000 hours of use).

DC20 will run for over six hours on a typical car battery. Includes 9" pigtail wires, two feet of 3/8" I.D. outlet hose and inlet filters. Additional housing is recommended for outdoor use. Six-month warranty.  Repair Kit.

Frequenty ordered with Air Diffusers 

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