Aquatic Sampling Nets

Aquatic Sampling Net, 500 Micron Mesh

  • $126.00

Product Code #53755

Designed for use by benthologists and entomologists needing a strong net for fresh water collecting of bottom dwelling organisms, or sweeping in thick vegetation. Heavy cotton/polyester bag with non-rotting thread is secured to 12″ wide D-rim by hog rings and has nylon mesh bottom 8″ below rim. Extended 4″ skirt protects mesh from snags and wear.

Mesh Size: Available in 150 or 500 Microns. Smooth, lacquered, hardwood, handles are 5 feet (152cm) long , 1-1/8" (2.9cm) diameter, permanently attached with epoxy adhesive to a 5/16" (.81cm) cadmium plated steel net ring. Nets are 70" (178cm) overall.

Replacement Net Bags

Inquire for shipping charges, as these nets ship over-size.

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