Bag Filter Vessel Filters and Parts

  • $46.00

Filter Vessel

This polypropylene filter vessel is designed to allow high flowrates through a single reusable bag filter. It is rated at 75 gpm for clean water (for particulate- laden water and/or to extend time between cleanings, we recommend a design flowrate below 40 gpm). For higher flows, use two or more in parallel. To further extend time between cleaning, place a larger micron filter before a smaller micron filter in series. The vessel is made of UV-inhibited polypropylene with a threaded lid, O-ring and removable internal basket for easy bag removal. This vessel has 2" FNPT inlet and outlet and 1/4" FNPT lid vent and weighs 10 lbs. 38” H with legs x 11” D at the widest point. Optional pressure gauges for lid vent are below. Vessels include housing, lid, retainer basket and 2 plastic leg/foot assemblies, easily cut to required height. Conical base (36049) highly recommended. Maximum pressure is 100 psi @ 110°F. One-year warranty.

Bag Filters

Bag filters are 6" dia. x 20" length with 2 ft2 of surface area. They are fitted with a ring that seals directly against the filter housing, eliminating any chance of bypass. Ten levels of filtration bags offered from 1 to 800 microns. 

Differential Pressure Gauge 

Designed exclusively to supplement pressure gauges used on our FV1 bag filter. It mounts on the mounting pad's bag vessel located on the opposite side of the inlet port. The window turns red, indicating "time to change." Requires a 3/16" drill to install portholes; use only screws provided. 2" long.

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