Collapsible Aquatic Invertebrate Sampling Net

Collapsible Aquatic Invertebrate Sampling Net

  • $264.00

Product Code #425-D57

Sturdy dip net but with collapsible handle. 500 Micron Mesh.
If you are traveling long miles in the field, long handles may prove to be a burden. They may snag in trees and are just more difficult to lug around. For these reasons we now offer a net with a handle that is in three parts, 18 inches each, for a total length of 54 inches. Also include a handy carry tote in bright orange.


  • Mouth: 305x254 mm (12x10”)
  • Bag: 559 mm (22”) deep
  • Shroud: Bottom only
  • Net ring: 10 mm (3/8”) diameter stainless steel
  • Clipped to frame with pig clip net rings
  • Internal rope reinforcement
  • Three part handle (50 inch total length)
  • Carrying Bag (7900-C30)
  • 500 Nitex mesh


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