Graduated Cylinders with Handle (Holdfast), Polypropylene

Graduated Cylinders with Handle (Holdfast), Polypropylene, 1000 ml

  • $31.00

Product Code F28461-1

These graduated cylinders have a double scale with raised graduations for easy reading. Hexagonal bases make cylinders stable and roll-proof. They are chemically resistant and may be autoclaved at 121°C. Flared top rim provides for easier filling and generous pouring spouts facilitate pouring. They also come with large handles that make pouring liquids from large heavy cylinders easier. The handle is generously sized for large hands but a slender enough grip for smaller hands.

Capacity Graduations Height I.D. O.D.
1000 ml 10 ml 17.3" 2.3" 2.5"

2000 ml

20 ml 19.3" 3.3" 3.5"

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