Plankton Tow Net

Plankton Tow Net, Simple, 30 cm Diameter x 90 cm Length

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Plankton Net, 30 cm Diameter x 90 cm Length

Nitex mesh, with quadruple stitched seams. Reinforced cod-end aperture, HD collar with grommets.

Net Includes:

• Plankton Net: Nitex mesh, with quadruple stitched seams, reinforced cod-end aperture, HD collar with grommets; mouth to length ratios: 1:3

• Stainless Steel Ring and Three Point Bridle: ring diameter (cm): 30

• PVC Collecting Bucket: two piece PVC design with stainless steel fasteners, 9 cm Diameter - Replacement collecting buckets (cod-ends) are also available.

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