Linear Diaphragm Air Pumps & Replacement Diaphragms (Various Sizes)

  • $100.00

Indoor rated

The Whitewater® air compressors are designed for indoor use only. Outlet is 3/8" barb; 115V/60 Hz with 6' power cord. Diaphragms typically last one year at the highest pressures, longer at lower pressures. Add "D" to the part number of the pump for a replacement diaphragm set (2). Imported. Six-month warranty.

Model Starting Watts Weight 
LT11  16
4 lbs
LT15  34
7 lbs
LT19  51
14 lbs
LT24 60
16 lbs
LT26A 105
18 lbs
LT28A 130 23 lbs

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