Digital Calipers

Digital Calipers, Traceable, Carbon-Fiber

  • $50.00

Product Code #59581

Make length/diameter measurements three ways: outside, inside, and depth. Results can be viewed in either inches or millimeters at the touch of a button on the 1/3"H digital display. Able to zero at any point, the zero button allows you to instantly set the unit to zero when jaws are at any position. This handy feature permits you to set a Floating Zero™ or reference point to read "greater than or less than results with a minus sign displayed" without calculations. To assure accuracy, each caliper comes with an individually serial-numbered Traceable® Certificate indicating traceability to standards provided by NIST. Made of strong composite carbon fiber.

Measuring Range: 6"/150mm. 
Resolution: 0.01"/0.1mm. 
Accuracy: ±0.01" or ±0.2mm. 
Non-metallic/Non-conductive: Yes. 
Dimensions: 9.5" x 3". 
Weight: 2 oz..

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