Digital Feeder Timer, 12 Volt

Digital Feeder Timer, 12 Volt

  • $241.00

Product #SF41
Features up to 24 feedings per 24 hours with a feeder "on" time of 1–59 seconds. The maximum output current is 10 amps, so each timer can control up to thirteen vibratory feeders without the need for an external relay.

SF44  Adapter/Timer Kit for 115V:
Combines the SF41 12V timer with the SF40 controller for 115V operation. Operate up to 13 feeders (more with relay). Use one adapter SF50 for each feeder on the circuit.

SF40 115V Controller: 
Allows the SF41 12V timer to operate with 115V power. Maximum power output is 15A/115V.

SF62 12V Controller:  
Speed controller for 12V operation. One is required for each feeder.


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