Light Meter

Extech® Easyview Light Meter

  • $204.00

Product Code #92500

This compact meter features a large, easy-to-read display with bar graph. Measures foot candles up to 40,000 in four ranges and up to 400,000 lux in five ranges. The meter utilizes a precision silicon photodiode sensor and features a 5’ coiled cable for easy storage. Other features include min/max function, cosine and color corrected measurements, peak hold, data hold, auto power-off, and indicators for low battery and overrange. Built-in stand, remote sensor with protective cover, protective holster, and 6 AAA batteries included.

Range: Lux, 40, 400, 4,000, 40,000, 400,000;

Foot candle, 40, 400, 4,000, 40,000.

Resolution: 0.01.

Basic accuracy: ±3% rdg + 5 digits.

Dimensions: 5.9” x 2.8” x 1.4”.

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