Fish Cradle Net

Fish Cradle Nets

  • $49.00

To order, please contact us directly, as these ship oversize, and the shipping charges will need to be calculated manually.

These nets are great for handling large fish. CN34 features black, super soft, 1/2" mesh, nylon material that will not harm the scales or slime coating on fish. CN34 Nets feature heavy-duty 1-1/8" wood handles and a hang cord for weighing the fish. 34" Net, 42" handles, 22" wide.

The MC-2 has Tangle-Less netting that helps prevent damage to gills and fins of any game fish and comes with 1" diameter, black, fluted aluminum handles. The MC-2 is 56" long, with foam hand grips. Model MC-2 features 1/4" black ACE nylon netting. 

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