Fish Egg Tubes (Inquire)

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These tubes provide free circulation of oxygen and moisture while protecting the eggs during transport or incubation. Stacked in rows, the tubes create large surface areas allowing for the easy exchange of gases, moisture and metabolic wastes. The eyed eggs remain undisturbed during transport. You can visually inspect the product through the perforated tube without touching the eggs and exposing them to hazardous elements. The capped tubes allow for security and open air and water flow. 

Tubes can be easily cut to length for your specific applications.

Fish Egg Tubes:
Perforated cylindrical tubes are portable and light weight. The tubes thermoplastic exterior ensures durability and allows open air and water flow.

Available in two sizes:

Small Egg Tubes
Outside Diameter: 2.5"
Large Egg Tubes
Outside Diameter: 3.33"

Caps and Tubes sold separately.  See here for Caps.

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