Low Speed Flow Meter

General Oceanics Mechanical Flow Meter, Low Speed

  • $554.00

Product Code #203002

These compact, mechanical flow meters are designed for measuring flow in lakes, rivers, canals, estuaries, sewage outfalls, and offshore applications. They are ideal for determining water speed, volume, or distance. These general-purpose flow meters incorporate a precision-molded rotor coupled directly to a six-digit counter that registers each revolution of the rotor and displays it similar to an odometer (up to 999,999 equal to approximately 14.5 nautical miles). The counter is located within the body of the instrument and is displayed through the clear plastic housing. Flow meters are properly balanced so they maintain a horizontal position when suspended by a towing line. After completing each sampling, simply remove the meter and record the reading and time. By subtracting the first reading from the second, the average speed over a given sampling time can be calculated. Each flow meter measures 8-3/8″ long, 1-9/16″ in diameter and includes 18″ of tow line and a stainless steel connecting axle pin. Low-speed flow meter measures from 6 to 100 cm/sec. High-speed impeller measures from 10 cm/sec. to 790 cm/sec

Optional Wading Rod with Extendable Pole #203007

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