6000 Half Face-Piece Respirator

Half Face-Piece Respirator, 3M, 6000 Series

  • $16.00

The 3M 6000 series half mask is simple to use and offers great protection, the twin filter system gives it lower breathing resistance. The 3M 6000 series masks have an easy fit facepiece which is made from hypo-allergenic material and available to purchase in 3 sizes. Supplied without filters.

6000 series half face-pieces are used with 6000 series Filter Cartridges and filters. These low-maintenance respirators can be disassembled, cleaned, and reused many times. No parts to replace except filters and cartridges. No retainers or extra parts are needed to attach the 6000 series filters or cartridges. Three sizes (S, M, L). NIOSH approved.

Use with 6000 series Filter Cartridges.



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