Mini Surber Sampler, 500 Micron Mesh

Mini Surber Sampler, 500 Micron Mesh

  • $149.00

Product Code #623-1210

One of the best quantitative samplers for benthic invertebrates, now available in a smaller size. Normally used for macroinvertebrates (clams, worms, insect larvae…), but sometimes also larger specimens (crayfish, adult insects…). Also called a riffle sampler or run sampler, the Mini-Surber is designed for small streams and rivulets where our larger model will not fit, as well as for student use. See our useful operating instructions available in the menu on the right. The net is genuine Nitex® bolting cloth with taffeta wings. Sample numerous locations at once with your student volunteers and our low-cost unit. For heavy-duty or professional usage, we recommend our full-size Surber Sampler, available through a link to the right.

Other equipment necessary includes wash bottles, sample storage bottles, sieves, counting trays, bug boxes, hand lenses, and forceps. Ship weight: 1 lb.

  • Net is 10½” long, frame is 6" x 6" x 6"
  • Open base encloses area of 6 x 6” (0.25 square foot)
  • Available in EPA-recommended 500 mm
  • Stainless steel frame for maximum corrosion resistance

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