Oakton pHTSTestr® 30 Waterproof Pocket pH Tester

Oakton pHTSTestr® 30 Waterproof Pocket pH Tester

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Product Code #WD-35634-30

OAKTON WD-35634-30 pHTSTestr 30 Waterproof Pocket 

Designed for use in dirty water, heavy sulfides, tris buffers, and organics, these double junction pHTestrs provide accurate, reliable results. The pH electrode is easy to replace, and the increased reference gel volume assures long electrode life. The large LCD display shows mode, automatic temperature compensation, and battery level. The pHTestr 30 also displays temperature in °C or °F in addition to pH. The IP67-certified housing is waterproof, dustproof, and floats. Other features include three-point (USA or NIST) push-button calibration with buffer recognition, non-volatile EEPROM memory, hold function, and auto-off function

pH Calibration Solutions are all sold separately.

  • pH Resolution:  0.01
  • pH Accuracy:  ±0.01
  • Buffer Recognition:  NIST and USA
  • Calibration:  Up to 3 points
  • Temperature Resolution:  0.1
  • Temperature Accuracy:  0.9 F, 0.5 C
  • Temperature compensation: Automatic
  • Waterproof:  Yes
  • Battery:  4 x AAA batteries (included)
  • Battery life (hr): 500

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