Oxygen Flow Meter Manifolds (2, 3, 4 or 5 Way)

  • $112.00

These flow meter manifolds are designed for use with pure oxygen. The manifolds and adjustable valves are chrome-plated. Flow meters measure from 0 to 6 lpm and have 3/8" barb inlet/outlet connections. Pressure gauge included. One-year warranty. Imported.

Note: Tests have been conducted that clearly show that the Sweetwater® Fine-Pore Diffusers are well suited for use with the MFM Flow Meter Manifolds. The Sweetwater® diffusers allow for a full range of adjustment (1 to 6 LPM) for an input pressure of 5 to 23 PSI, well below the MFM manufacturer’s maximum input pressure of 42 PSI.

On the other hand, the extremely fine pores of the Point Four Oxygen, or BD Series diffusers are not compatible with the MFM Flow Meters range and adjustment valves, providing flows of only 1.25 LPM @42PSI. USING ULTRA-FINE PORE DIFFUSERS WILL DAMAGE THESE FLOW METER MANIFOLDS.

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