Oxygen Flow Meters

  • $116.00

Product Codes: #E49000 (0.125-3.5 LPM), #E49001 (0.25-8 LPM), #E49002 (0.5 - 15 LPM)

Accuracy and reliability in an attractive easy-to-use instrument. Made with high-impact resistant Lexan® hood and flow tube, combined with a sturdy machined brass base, these meters will stand up to the rigors of clinical or field use. The durable stainless steel stem valve assures precise control throughout the full flow range, and povides for positive flow shut-off. O-Ring seals eliminate the leaks that are commonly associated with plastic base models. Standard meters are calibrated at 50 psig inlet pressure for accurate flow measurement under a variety of operating conditions.

E49000PM are "Precision Medical" brand.  E49001 are Key Instruments" or E49001WM "Western Medica" brand and E49002WM are "Western Medica" brand.

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