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Walk safely on stream and river bottoms with STREAMtrekkers! The patented Diamond Bead design features hundreds of biting edges that grip in all directions for excellent traction on rocks, moss, and slime. The case-hardened steel alloy beads are strung on durable steel aircraft cable. A tough rubber outer band adapts to all types of footwear and offers a secure fit. STREAMtrekkers can be worn over your rubber and felt-soled fishing shoes as well as wading boots. STREAMtrekkers also clean up easily to help prevent the transport of aquatic invasive species.

Sizing Note: STREAMtrekkers sizing listed reflects use with everyday shoes, cross trainers, and dress shoes. For uninsulated hiking and work boots, add one size to your shoe size. For oversized insulated boots, add two sizes to your shoe size.

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