Turbidity Test Kit - LaMotte

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Product Code #7519-01

This visual comparison test kit is designed for use in shallow waters where secchi disc depth reading is not feasible. Readings are made by using a standard turbidity reagent to match the turbidity of a water sample. Measurements are expressed in Jackson Turbidity Units (JTU). Reads from 0-200 JTU in 5 JTU steps.

To provide a kit with fresh reagents, this kit may need to be ordered in, so please inquire for stock availability.

Replacement reagents and parts.


Test System


# of Tests (# Rgts)


Dropper Pipet

5-100 JTU/5 JTU, 
10-200 JTU/10 JTU

50 at 10 or 20 JTU (1)




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