Vidalife, Water Conditioner

Vidalife, Water Conditioner, 1 Gallon

  • $69.00

Product Code #VL10501

Vidalife is a specially formulated water conditioner for use in fish hatcheries, broodstock facilities, transport tanks, and on handling equipment and handling surfaces. When applied as directed, Vidalife will help protect fish from abrasions by preserving the fish's natural mucous layer and can be used whenever fish are handled or moved.

• Vidalife is a water conditioner used in fish transport and during any handling events.
• Vidalife forms a coating on contact surfaces to reduce friction and abrasion when handling.
• Vidalife helps to form a protective barrier between fish and handling equipment.
• Vidalife reduces the toxicity of heavy metals.

• Vidalife helps reduce stress and abrasions during any handling process.
• Vidalife may reduce vulnerability to pathogens that may affect a fish as it can enhance a fish's natural protective mucous coat.
• Vidalife binds with heavy metals and harmful chemicals to reduce their toxicity.


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