Virkon® Aquatic, 10 Kg Pail

Virkon® Aquatic, 10 Kg Pail

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Product Code # VK-AQUA

Virkon® Aquatic is a concentrated powder that when mixed with water, forms a powerful cleaning and disinfecting solution with proven efficacy against fish viruses including ISA, IPN, Rhabdovirus (IHN, VHS, SVC), bacteria, fungi, and molds.  Virkon® Aquatic is approved for the disinfection of environmental surfaces associated with aquaculture including rearing containers, vehicles, nets, boots, waders, dive suits, hoses, brushes and other similar equipment.  Virkon® Aquatic is fast acting and fragrance free, which makes it ideal for use in disinfecting foot baths.

With an exceptional safety profile, Virkon® Aquatic is the ultimate disinfectant for aquatic applications.  It has been independently proven to be highly effective against significant aquatic pathogens and is in use around the world as part of effective biosecurity procedures.  It is considered by many experts to be the best choice for aquatic facility disinfection.  It is currently in use at fish hatcheries, aquaculture facilities, research laboratories, zoos and aquariums.

Virkon® Aquatic is availabe in Canada in 10 kg pails.  A 10 kg pail of Virkon® Aquatic will make up to 1000 litres of 1% disinfection solution.

Virkon® Aquatic is Health Canada approved.  DIN 02276356 



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