Whirl Pak® Bags, Black, Write-On

Whirl Pak® Bags, Black, Write-On, Various Sizes

  • $104.00


When it is necessary to protect a sample from light, the Whirl-Pak® black bag is specially designed for this application. The polyethylene film is made from pigmented resins so the black color is an integral part of the bag and not a printed layer. The result is an opaque bag providing maximum protection for samples that are sensitive to light. It is ideal for pharmaceuticals, spinal fluid, amniotic fluid, seasonings, flavors, food supplements, vitamins, marine life, and many other liquid or solid products. 

Bag capacity is based on the volume of liquid the bag will hold after the tab has been folded over three times. All sizes and dimensions are approximate and should not be used for detailed weighing or measuring. 

All sizes and styles are sold in boxes of 500 bags.

Code Capacity


B01472WA 4 oz. 3" x 7.25" 2.5 mil
B01418WA 18 oz. 4.5" x 9" 2.5 mil
B01558WA 55 oz. 7.5" x 11.75" 4.0 mil

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