Whirl-Pak® Thio-Bags, Box of 100

Whirl-Pak® Thio-Bags, Box of 100

  • $44.00

Specifically designed for sampling chlorinated water from municipalities, swimming pools, waste water, and other areas to test for fecal coliforms or other bacteria. Each sterile bag contains a nontoxic, nonnutritive tablet containing active sodium thiosulfate to neutralize chlorine at the time of collection. The bag is EPA approved and has the additional benefits of saving technician’s time, utility costs, storage space, and disposal costs by replacing other sample containers. Each sterilized bag has a convenient write-on strip.

Sold in boxes of 100 bags.

Code Capacity


B01402WA 4 oz. (Stand-up) 3" x 7.25" 2.5 mil
B01403WA 10 oz. (Stand-up) 4.5" x 9" 3.0 mil
B01601WA 17 oz. (Stand-up) 6" x 9" 3.0 mil
B01040WA 4 oz. (Flat) 3" x 7.25" 2.5 mil
B01254WA 10 oz. (Flat) 4.5" x 9" 3.0 mil

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