YSI ProODO Meter - Parts and Accessories

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The YSI PROODO Meter has been discontinued and replaced with the YSI PROSolo Optical D.O. meter. Replacement parts are still available for the PROODO meters.

Meter Body and Probe / Cable assemblies are sold separately.  

The YSI ProODO dissolved oxygen meter utilizes ODO® technology, an optical-based sensor, to measure dissolved oxygen. Optical-based sensors drift less than membrane covered sensors and are capable of holding their calibration for several months. In addition, ODO sensors require less maintenance as there are no membranes to change and no electrodes to polish. ODO is a non-consumptive technology meaning oxygen is not consumed during the measurement. Therefore, no stirring is required for accurate measurements, resulting in accurate data collection every time with this DO meter.

Field Worthy 

The ProODO instrument meets the demands of true field work. The instrument is rated waterproof to IP-67 standards even without the battery cover on and the cable disconnected. Our rigorous instrument testing includes 1-meter drop tests from all angles to ensure field-durability. Other tough features include:

  • 3-year instrument warranty and a 2-year cable and probe warranty
  • Metal Military Spec (MS) connectors
  • Rubber over-molded case
  • Field tested cables
  • Rugged, weighted probe guard
  • Made in the USA


The instrument provides versatility with numerous benefits from the following features:

  • 5,000 data-set memory
  • Expanded DO range of 0-500% (0-50 mg/L)
  • OBOD optical, self-stirring BOD probe for the lab
  • One instrument for the lab and field
  • Calibration password protection
  • Backlit display and keypad
  • Graphic display visible with polarized sunglasses
  • Multiple languages (see specifications)
  • 100 folders and site lists for logging data with user defined fields

Connect any length cable and probe to the ProODO digital instrument and use the convenient cable management kit to keep everything simple and organized. Convenient features include:

  • Cable options from 1- to 100-meters including a cable management kit on 4-meter and longer cables; laboratory BOD probe.
  • Detailed on-board Help 
  • Detailed GLP data (calibration records)
  • Digital based sensors are automatically recognized by the instrument and hold their calibration 
  • USB and communication saddle included
  • Soft and hard-sided carrying cases available
  • Flow cell available
  • Cable weight available
  • Belt clip available
  • Tripod available


Range Resolution Accuracy
Dissolved Oxygen 0-50 mg/L
0.01 mg/L
+/- 1% of reading or
+/- 0.1 mg/L
whichever is greater
Temperature -5 to +70°C 0.01°C +/- 0.2°C

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