Hach Aquaculture Test Kit (Model #FF-1A)

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Product Code #2430-02

Maintaining good water quality is essential for profitable fish production. In many cases, availability and cost of "crop" insurance is directly related to testing programs. This kit utilizes drop count titration and color disc methods to deliver the fast, accurate results you need.

  • Clear instructions for measuring common aquaculture/fish farming parameters
  • Simple, accurate methods
  • Titration Methods:
    -Alkalinity (0–100, 0–400 mg/L CaCO3) 
    -Carbon dioxide (0–100 mg/L CO2)
    -Chloride (0–150, 0–600 mg/L Cl–)
    -Dissolved oxygen (0–4, 0–20 mg/L O2)
    -Hardness, total (0–342 mg/L CaCO3)
  • Color Disk Methods: 
    -Ammonia (0–3.0 NH3–N)
    -Nitrite (0–0.4 mg/L NO2–N)
    -pH (4–10 pH units)
  • Observation Method:
    -Supersaturation: (Qualitative)
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