Haglöf Digital Compass/Clinometer

Haglöf Digital Compass/Clinometer (Feet / Percent)

  • $377.00

Haglöf Digital Compass/Clinometer (Feet / Percent) 

Product Code #43903

Combines an electronic clinometer, height meter and digital compass all into one! Small, accurate, fast and easy-to-use with single button operation! Heights can be measured from any distance - simply enter the distance to the tree, aim at the bottom of the tree (press button), then at the top (press button) and read off the height. The digital compass displays from 0-360 degrees in 1° increments, has magnetic declination and is easy to calibrate. Made in Sweden.

Clinometer Accuracy: ±0.2´; ±0.2° (depending on the accuracy of the distance entered). Compass Accuracy: 2.5°.

Operating Temperature: -15°C to 45°C/5°F to 113°F.

Power: 1 AA battery (included).

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