LaMotte Tidal Water Testing Outfit 5857-02

LaMotte Tidal Water Testing Outfit

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Product Code #5857-02:

The comparison of the specific gravity of varying concentrations of salt water to freshwater is easily demonstrated and measured using a hydrometer and a clear, acrylic hydrometer jar. Turbidity is measured by "Secchi depth", using a 20 cm diameter, black and white Secchi disk and calibrated line. All the necessary apparatus, reagents, and detailed instructions to test Dissolved Oxygen, Temperature, and pH are included. All fit securely in a foam insert and are housed within a rugged field carrying case. Economical reagent refill packages are available.s.

Inquire for pricing and availability of individual replacement reagents and parts.


Test Method


Dissolved Oxygen


0-10 ppm O2, readable to 0.2 ppm increments



-5° to 45° C in 0.5 increments


2 Octa-Slide 2 Comparators

pH 3.0-10.5 in 0.5 increments

Secchi depth

Secchi Disk

0-20 m in 0.5m increments



1.0000 to 1.0700 SG in 0.0005 increments, 0.0 ppt to 43.6 ppt salinity in 0.2 ppt increments