Alpha Water Sampler Kit, 2.2 L, Vertical, Opaque PVC

  • $826.00

Product Code #1120-D42

Larger bottles are especially good for collecting small plankton. The wide mouth collects a true water sample with no contamination from other water levels. During descent, the open mouth does not restrict water flow. This makes them particularly suitable for collecting plankton and floating sediments

• Blue seals of durable, flexible, high-grade polyurethane resin with attached safety line
• Foolproof 316 SS trip head for durability
• Not suitable for chemical sampling

2.2 Litre Capacity

Includes SBK2 messenger 62-C15 line (100 ft.) and Carrying Case

The PVC body is opaque, but is more durable and less expensive than acrylic. Alpha samplers are not suitable for chemical analysis of contents due to the potential for contamination (i.e. by mercury and phosphorus) by the materials in the sampler's construction. For chemical analysis, inquire about the Beta or suggested Kemmerer water samplers. This sampler requires a messenger and line  (for operation. 

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