Basic Water Sampler, 1.75 Litre

  • $125.00

Product Code #77222

Durable PVC body is impact-resistant. Water can be sampled from any depth as a single-line trigger mechanism uses one line to both raise and lower sampler as well as trigger device to seal collection chamber. Soft rubber end seals securely hold the 1.75 liter water sample. Includes 20m of cord and instructions.

The innovative trip mechanism uses no messenger - just jerk the line sharply to close. The trip works best in water - it’s not likely to close on land. But even if the unlikely occurs, the soft rubber seals won’t pinch fingers or cause an injury of any type. We include 20 meters of line on our styrofoam winding float that will bob to the surface if it falls into the water. 

• Not intended for professional use - qualitative only

NOTE: Volume may vary slightly. It is recommended that you verify the exact volume of your bottle prior to use.

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