Hatching Jar for Fish Eggs

Fish Egg Hatching Jar

  • $201.00

This McDonald-type hatching jar has become the industry standard. It is a high-impact, all-plastic egg hatching system. Simply direct about 1 gpm of water (depending on the weight of the eggs) into the center. The eggs will be uniformly rotated. The fish hatching jar comes with a top screen that prevents the loss of eggs. When the fish hatch, remove the screen to let the fish swim out. Use it for trout, salmon, hybrid striped bass, catfish, tilapia and many others. Height 18", diameter 6 1/4", 6.86 liter capacity for up to 20,000 eggs, dependent on species and egg diameter.

Optional Jar Hanger: The all plastic hatching jar hanger allows jars to be used without a bench or separate stand. Accepts up to 1.5″ hanging lip.

Egg Hatching Jar Replacement Parts

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