Hanna Instruments® Backpack Lab™ Water Quality Education Test Kit

Hanna Instruments® Backpack Lab™ Water Quality Education Test Kit

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Product Code #HI3817BP

Here’s everything educators and environmental science students need for testing water in rivers, lakes and streams, all packed inside a handy backpack case. Industrial expertise applied to the needs of educators at the Junior High and High School level.

Test Kit includes:

  • pHep 4 waterproof pH Meter
  • DiST 5 waterproof Electrical Conductivity/Total Dissolved Solids/Temperature MeterSecchi disk for turbidity measurements
  • Hard shell storage case containing color-coded dropper bottles, plastic beakers with ported caps and test kits for acidity (110 tests), alkalinity (110 tests), carbon dioxide (110 tests), dissolved oxygen (100 tests), hardness (100 tests), nitrate (100 tests) and phosphate (50 tests), plus all the chemicals and accessories needed to conduct the tests.
  • A 72-page teacher’s manual ties it all together with activity guidelines, detailed field testing procedures and information about each parameter.
  • Other materials include waterproof, tearproof paper for field test procedure summaries, a list of vocabulary terms and a set of overhead transparencies with summaries of each test parameter.


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