Oxyguard Polaris (Model C) Dissolved Oxygen Meter, with 8 m Cable

  • $1,675.00

Product Code: 1OXHM108

The Polaris C meter is a high-performance, low-cost and almost maintenance-free meter for measuring dissolved oxygen and temperature. The meter is sturdy, easy to use and has an extensive longevity making it ideal for harsh conditions.

Polaris C can store up to 2500 complete data sets, including time and date stamps. 

The meter has a built-in self-check of all hardware, automatic barometric pressure compensation and a notably short response time. With this meter, you get the high-quality associated with OxyGuard technology and a product that will serve you well for many years.

Key benefits 

High accuracy 

Easy-to-do calibration 

Automatic check of the hardware 

Automatic compensation for barometric pressure and temperature Water-resistant 

Automatic or manual data logging of up to 2500 full sets of data Bluetooth and NFC technology for direct upload to Cobália Low power consumption: ~1000 hours 

Immediate response time 

Variable display options and unit use 

Self-polarizing and temperature compensating electrochemical probe Long-term stability 


Units of measurement: Oxygen: ppm (mg/L), % saturation. Temperature: degrees Celsius (°C), degrees Fahrenheit (°F) 

Weight: 0,6 kg (0,8 kg incl. bag) 

Display: Graphical LCD display with variable backlight 

Probe type: Electrochemical 

Cable length: Standard 3 m. Available at any length up to 50 meters by request 

Operating temperature: Probe: -5 to +45 degrees Celsius (°C) and +23 to +113 degrees Fahrenheit (°F). Meter: 

-20 to +60 degrees Celsius (°C) and -4 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit (°F) 

Waterproof: Short-term immersion proof to 5m depth 

Response time: To 90% in less than 20 seconds 

Measuring range: Oxygen: 0-60 mg/L and 0-600 % saturation. Temperature: -5 to +45 degrees Celsius (°C) and +23 to +113 degrees Fahrenheit 

Measuring accuracy: Oxygen: typically ± 1% of measured value. Temperature: ± 0.2 degrees Celsius/Fahrenheit (°C/°F) 

Data logging capacity: 2500 sets of data with up to 99 data groups 

Salinity compensation range: 0-59 ppt, manually set 

Automatic check of: Probe function, meter function, cable and battery 

Automatic compensation: Temperature and barometric pressure (0-7000 m a.s.l) 

Dimensions meter: Length = 98 mm, diameter = 36 mm (Length: 3.86 in, diameter: 1.42 in) 

Dimensions probe: Length = 159 mm, diameter = 22 mm (6.26 in, 0.87 in). With protection cap: Length = 176 mm, diameter = 29 mm (6.93 in, 1.14 in) 

Power: 1x AA Alkaline battery 

Battery life: 1000 hours use depending on settings and battery quality 

Standard accessories: 10 membranes and O-rings, 50 ml electrolyte, cathode cleaning pad, tool, storage pouch 

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