Defender™ 5000 Washdown Bench Scale, 25 Kg x 1 g

Defender™ 5000 Washdown Bench Scale, 25 Kg x 1 g

  • $3,100.00

Product Code #D52XW25WQR6

The OHAUS next generation Defender 5000 Series multifunctional bench scale is ideal for a multitude of applications, including production, packaging, inventory and shipping. Built durably and equipped with advanced features such as maximum configurability print output, GMP/GLP data output, library/user management, and multiple connectivity options - the Defender 5000 is designed to simplify demanding industrial and commercial applications

Standard Features:
  • Indicator Guides The User with On-Screen Prompts See results clearly on the large backlit display. The alpha-numeric keypad and function keys allow for a simplified user experience. On-screen prompts and soft keys will guide you through the operation.
  • Durably Constructed To Withstand Harsh Industrial Environments Durably constructed with a stainless steel platform, silver-painted column, and aluminum load cell. Supports up to 6,250e NTEP and Measurement Canada certified resolution for legal-for-trade applications.
  • Multiple Application Modes and High Storage Capacity for Greater Flexibility Features common industrial modes and supports a 50,000 item library and 1,000 user profiles which can be downloaded/uploaded for easy set-up with the included Micro SD Card. Also equipped with GLP/GMP output capability with time/date for result traceability. Alibi memory available.
  • Multiple Connectivity Options for Convenient Data Transfer and Storage Results can be stored in the Micro SD card. Data output via built-in RS232 or optional interfaces including 2nd RS232/RS485/USB device, Ethernet, Bluetooth/WiFi, Analog Output and Discrete I/O with relays.

Simplified Use
Results can be read easily on the Defender 5000’s large transflective dot matrix display, even in bright sunlight. The SmarText 3.0 interface will guide you through all of the Defender 5000’s unique and advanced features. With five soft keys, SmartText 3.0 makes an advanced scale very simple to use, and reduces training time for operators.

Durably Constructed To Withstand Harsh Industrial Environments
Durably constructed with a stainless steel platform, frame, column, IP67 loadcell and IP68/NEMA4X indicator. Supports up to 5,000d NTEP and Measurement Canada certified resolution for legal-for-trade applications.

Simple Operation
Featuring most common applications including Parts Counting with APW optimization, Checkweighing or Checkcounting, Percent Weighing, and Dynamic Weighing or Display Hold, the Defender 5000 meets the weighing and measurement needs of practically every industrial application or manufacturing process. Many application modes eliminate the need for long and complicated manual calculations. GMP/GLP with time/date allows for traceability of results.
Equipped with the included Micro SD card, the Defender 5000 can support storage of up to 50,000 items and 1,000 user profiles. Weighing results can also be stored in Alibi or regular format, addressing all your data storage needs.

Multiple Connectivity Options
Weighing results can be easily exported through the standard RS232 port. Additional connectivity options include a second RS232, RS485 or USB device; Ethernet; and WiFi/Bluetooth interfaces. Using the Analog Option (either 4-20mA or 0-10V) or the two In/four Out Discrete I/O, the new Defender 5000 indicator can also be used for systems including PLCs.

Application Modes

  • Weighing: Determine the weight of items in the selected unit of measure.
  • Parts Counting: Count samples of uniform weight. Advanced auto-optimization software recalculates the average piece of weight as the overall weight increases.
  • Checkweighing/Counting: Compare the weight/count of a sample against target limits. Connect with Discrete I/O and Light Tower Kit for external check lights.
  • Percent Weighing: Measure the weight of a sample displayed as a percentage of a pre-established reference weight.
  • Dynamic Weighing and Display Hold: Weigh an unstable load. Scale takes an average of weights over a period of time. The Display Hold feature manually or automatically holds the last stable weight on the display
Standard Capacity X Readability 50 x 0.002 lb
25 kg x 1 g
Pan Size
30 cm x 30 cm (12 x 12 in)
Internal Counting Resolution 1:500,000
Linearity/Repeatability ±2d
Indicator TD52XW IP68 / NEMA 4X Stainless Steel Indicator
Weighing Units lb, oz, lb:oz, kg, g, metric ton, short ton, custom unit
Application Modes Weighing, Percent Weighing, Piece Counting with Optimized APW, Checkweighing/Checkcounting, Dynamic Weighing/Display Hold
Display Dot matrix LCD with white LED backlight, 256 x 80 pixels
Keyboard 6 function, 5 quick, 12 alpha numeric membrane switches
Auto-zero Tracking Off, 0.5 d, 1 d or 3 d
Zeroing Range 2% or 100% of capacity
Interface Standard RS232
Optional Ethernet, WiFi/Bluetooth, RS232/RS485/USB, Analog Output, 2 In/4 Out Discrete I/O
Power 100-240 VAC / 50/60 Hz Universal Power Supply, Rechargeable Lithium battery (optional)
Battery Life 20 hours of continuous use
Calibration Zero, Span or 3 point-Linear
Maximum Overload 150-200% depending on capacity
Mount Stainless steel front-mount bracket with handle
Base Construction Stainless steel removable weighing platform with stainless steel frame, silicon-sealed IP67 stainless steel loadcell
Safe Overload Capacity 150% of maximum capacity
Stabilization Time Within 1 second
Operating Temperature Range 14°F to 104°F / -10°C to 40°C

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