Diffuser Connector Block, 1/4" FNPT, HDPE

  • $42.25

Product Code #DYCBB

Connector block, with a 1/4” FPT inlet for use with line of air diffusers below.

Four different styles, all self-weighted:
DYRD- Rubber poly diffusers are for rough conditions. They have a 1/4” MPT inlet and won’t freeze, break or crack. Use for tanks and on trucks and boats. 
DYCD- Aluminum oxide diffusers are for general aeration: bubble size is 1–2 mm, and they have a support on each end that protects the tank or liner from the diffuser.
DYCH- EPDM membrane diffusers have 1/4” MPT inlet and are best for wastewater treatment.

Note: Diffusers are also known as airstones. 

*Not compatible with DYCHP diffusers*

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