Entomology Forceps Set

Entomology Forceps Set

  • $24.95

Product Code #53863

Set has five widely used forceps for use in Entomology labs and field work. Featherweight forceps are made out of flexible stainless steel (Spring Stainless Steel) allowing them to be bent virtually in any shape and form. Ideal for handling larvae or eggs without crushing them and/or for handling specimens stored in vials. Includes 2 featherweight forceps, one narrow tip (4.5˝) and one broad tip (4.25˝); insect pinning forceps made with surgical stainless steel (4.5˝); micro-dissection forceps, long shank with very fine points (4.5˝); and micro-dissection forceps, curved with very fine points (4.5˝).

Kit dimensions: 5˝W x 7˝L x 0.50˝H (Approx.). Weight: 2.5 oz. (Approx.).

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