Epoxy Paint Kits

  • $159.00

Ships to Canadian Addresses Only.

Epoxy paint is recognized by the EPA as nontoxic (after curing), is extremely durable and has excellent adhesion to a wide variety of materials. Whether coating fiberglass, wood, steel, concrete or even galvanized surfaces, you won’t find a better paint for aquaculture.

Simply clean and dry the surface (acid-etch concrete and steel, then use nonsudsing ammonia to neutralize acid residue and use concrete primer; prime steel and galvanized surfaces). Then mix epoxy paint parts A and B, wait 30–60 minutes and spray, brush or roll on. Recoat after about four hours, if desired. The curing temperature range is 55–125°F. Before adding live organisms, let cure for 7 days. Excellent for drinking water, ozone contact, fresh and saltwater aquaculture, etc.

Kit will cover 260–288 ft2 of smooth surface with a thickness of 4 mil (0.004 inch). This epoxy is 65 to 72% solids (depending on color) and has a two-year shelf life (after long exposure to UV, it typically develops a chalky surface). Sold in 120-oz kits only (a kit is 4 parts paint and 1 part activator) in the following colors:

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