Folsom Plankton Splitter

Folsom Plankton Splitter

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Product Code #1831-F10

A well-known device for subsampling by splitting, developed by Dr. Folsom of the Scripps Institute of Oceanography. Place a measured volume of plankton sample in the undivided section of the drum. Rotate 120° to divide the stirred sample with a separating blade. The contents of one tray may be returned to the drum for further subdividing. Water may be added as needed. Standard Methods suggests splitting until a subsample of 200-500 individuals is obtained. Split alcohol base samples immediately because the drum is not alcohol-resistant. Do not use chemicals such as acetone and ketone for cleaning. Wash with mild soap and soft water, rinse with distilled water before drying. Ship wt: 14 lbs.

• 0.5 liter in size, drum 9” in diameter, 15.5” high 
• 2 removable trays of clear, alcohol-resistant Vivak plastic 
• 4 adjustable leveling feet, bubble level indicator 
• Removable acrylic drum

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