HOBOware® Pro Software (USB Drive)

HOBOware® Pro Software (USB Drive)

  • $176.50

Product Code #BHW-PRO-USB

HOBOware® Pro for Windows and Macintosh

Data logging software designed for use with all HOBO data loggers and wireless data nodes. 

Use this software for easy launch and readout of your HOBO® USB data logger as well as flexible plotting of data! Data can be exported for more in-depth analysis using other programs including spreadsheets. The software allows you to set launch parameters such as which channels to record, sample interval, and start type (immediate, delayed, interval, or triggered); monitor battery level; and synchronize logger clocks to the computer clock. With the graphing capability, you can view multiple parameters from a single logger on one graph, zoom in on data of interest, set axes ranges, display data in different formats, and display recorded events in graphs or file exports. You can also verify logger operation before launch or during logging, as well as displaying real-time sensor readings, memory used, and battery voltage. One-click conversion allows for easy data upload into Microsoft® Excel software or other programs. The Windows version offers enhanced features which allow for the combination of data from multiple loggers or deployments, saving of current data for future use, linear scaling for external inputs, listing of recently accessed files, and automatic internet updates. 

Product Notes:  Restricted Sales Restricted Sales. Non-returnable if opened

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