LaMotte Dissolved Oxygen Test Kit

LaMotte Dissolved Oxygen Test Kit

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The dissolved oxygen test is one of the most important in aquaculture. Dissolved oxygen levels can affect fish respiration, as well as ammonia and nitrite toxicity. Salinity and temperature are both factors that affect dissolved oxygen levels. The LaMotte D.O. test kit can be used to test either fresh or salt water. This kit has an all liquid system and features a direct reading titrator. The direct reading titrator is a 1.0 ml microburet calibrated for direct readout in concentration; no counting of drops or calculations. 0-10 ppm O2 in 0.2 ppm increments. If the 10 ppm line is reached on the titrator without a color change, refill the titrator and continue. Be sure to add the initial 10 ppm to your final value. This will allow you to read samples with levels higher than 10 ppm.

Approximately 50 tests per Kit.

To provide a kit with fresh reagents, this kit may need to be ordered in, so please inquire for stock availability.

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