Munsell CAPSURE Color Matching Tool

Munsell CAPSURE Color Matching Tool

  • $1,175.00

Product Code #77391

Munsell CAPSURE Color Matching Tool:

This handheld meter provides an affordable way to evaluate the type of soil that is present within a given area. The instrument allows users to make accurate soil color evaluations in the field quickly and easily. The soil classification system that has been developed around the Munsell Color System is an established and accepted process to assign a soil type. This classification system has been used in the United States for more than 55 years to aid in the management and stewardship of natural resources. Includes all of the colors present in the Munsell Soil Color Book. Also includes Munsell's Rock Color, Plant Tissue Color, and Bead Color book libraries. Note keeping is also made easy with the ability to leave a voice-recorded note along with your measurement. The included Palette Application software allows you to automatically update the Munsell Soil Color Book library through CAPSURE sync.

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