Nasco Swing Samplers

Nasco Swing Sampler, with 12-24 Foot Handle

  • $325.00

Product Code #B01366WA

The end of this sampler swings for collecting samples at different angles with a maximum of 90°, making it perfect for sampling streams from steep stream banks. Choose from models with fiberglass pole that extends to 12 feet or 24 feet for flexibility in various situations. A 960 ml bottle is included. A large snapper holds bottles in the 1,000 ml range. The Swing Sampler may be used for liquids, powders, or small solids. Samplers come with an extending fiberglass pole and one 960mL (32.5oz.) polyethylene bottle with plastic snapper ring.

Please note that the B01310WA and B01366WA Swing Samplers ship as oversized, so please contact us directly to order these items. Shipping charges will need to be calculated separately. 

Replacement Snapper Rings

Replacement Bottles

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