Net Floats

Net Floats

  • $4.45

Made of ethylene vinyl acetate copolymer (EVA), which offers high tensile strength; durability; resistance to pressure, sunlight and abrasion; buoyancy; and a much longer life expectancy than PVC net floats.

Each Evafloat has internal nylon grommets and will give years of worry-free service as your seine float, rope barrier or marker buoy.

NF4 Evafloat, White, 5" Length, 3-1/2" Diameter, 5/8" Hole Size, Weighs 0.15 lb.

NF5 Evafloat, White, 6" Length, 3-11/16" Diameter, 5/8" Hole Size, Weighs 0.18 lb.

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