Nitex Nylon Mesh Screen (Many Mesh Sizes)

  • $289.00

For orders of multiple sizes, multiple yards, or requests to ship on a roll, please contact us directly, as the shipping charges will need to be calculated manually.

Price is per linear yard. Order by mesh (micron size) and number of linear yards.

Synthetic nylon screening has many aquaculture and laboratory uses. Filtration of unwanted organisms, brine shrimp culture, larval fish culture, custom manufacturing of net screens, filter bags and invertebrate nets. Nylon is resistant to bacteria, cleaners, acids, and insects. The screening is typically 40"-44" wide and sold by the linear yard only. 1 linear yard = 10 square feet. This product is not UV inhibited. Nitex is sold according to the size of its mesh openings, measured in microns. One thousand microns equals one millimeter. The nylon screening is available in mesh opening sizes ranging from 5 microns to 2000 microns. Autoclavable.

Nitex may be folded for shipping purposes. If you do not want your Nitex folded, but prefer to have it shipped on a roll, please specify at the time of order.