Non-Metallic Kemmerer Water Samplers

  • $661.00

• All plastic construction
• Clear acrylic  or Opaque PVC main tube
• PVC center shaft
• Suitable for trace metal and organic analysis
• Silicone seals 
• Large range of sizes 

These Kemmerer water samplers have no metal parts to contact your sample. Delrin fasteners and an O ring replace the stainless steel garter spring in the All-Angle™ trip head. The bottle body can be either transparent acrylic, which allows you to view your sample before removal, or opaque PVC for greater durability. The all-plastic center shaft is made of plastic CPVC with a plastic delrin nut on its bottom.

Designed for trace metal sampling due to silicone seals.Also may be used for organic sampling to concentrations of mg/L. When running metal, organic, or any other chemical analyses, it is best to run a blank on the sampler prior to use.

The end seals mount like a tire on a hub and are easy to replace. The end seals should not be sealed, seated, or fully closed during storage. Although made of tough elastomers, they have a tendency to take a set during long periods of inactivity and stress. For this reason, store your Kemmerer with the seals slightly open and not touching the bottle body.

When ordering a sampler kit, it includes:
• Kemmerer Water Sampling Bottle
• Stainless steel split messenger
• 100ft of line
• Carry case
A thermometer can be mounted inside acrylic Kemmerer bottles, please call for information.
NOTE: Volume may vary slightly. It is recommended that you verify the exact volume of your bottle prior to use.
Inquire for replacement parts.

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