pH 1-14 Paper Strips, Booklet of 80 Strips

pH 1-14 Paper Strips, Booklet of 80 Strips

  • $3.25

Product Code #PH114SA

pH 1-14 Paper Strips. 

Sharp colour change for each full pH Unit.

  • Simple and Efficient: The pH strips come with identification guides that change color within 15 seconds to help you accurately identify the pH of your liquid without any expensive equipment or test kits.
  • Easy to Use: Different pH contents have different discoloration ranges. Compare the ratio of the color card to read: the smaller number indicates the stronger acidity, while the larger indicates the stronger alkalinity.
  • Easy to Carry: These pH monitoring strips are easy to take anywhere and easy to store, perfect for field work.
  • Wide Application: pH test paper can be used to detect many common substances, including urine, sweat, moisturizing soap, lemon juice, milk, laundry detergent, moist soil, etc.

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