Plankton Culture Manual

Plankton Culture Manual

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F. Hoff and T.W. Snell, 2007. 6th Edition

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An excellent book on culturing microalgae, rotifers, ciliates, artemia and daphnia. 

The Plankton Culture Manual provides the basis and principles of live food culture while the companion book provides theory and practice of conditioning, spawning and utilization of live feeds in larval rearing, juvenile growout, and adult broodstock fish. Methods of plankton culture described here are the result of cumulative experiences during our many years in aquaculture mixed with numerous published works and direct communication from aquaculture scientists and hobbyists throughout the world. Using advanced computer data bases and the internet of scientific and hobbyist literature, we have culled out significant papers that have made substantial contributions in live food culture. Literature citations in this manual provide readers access to a vast selection of scientific and hobby publications that demonstrate the dynamic changes occurring in larviculture. Through the sixth editions of this manual, we have improved, clarified, and provided more detail about the methods used.

183 pages. Paperback.

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