Whirl Pak Bag, Plain

Whirl Pak® Bags, Plain, Various Sizes

  • $92.00

Whirl Pak® sampling bags are made of a blended polyethylene containing ethyl vinyl acetate. This blend gives the bags two important characteristics that are found only on Whirl Pak®: Exceptionally clear film, which makes it very easy to see through. An elastic quality resulting in superior strength.
Whirl Pak® bags are sterilized and the sizes are given in liquid measurements. They may be used for taking samples of liquids, semi-liquids or solids. The film thickness varies from 2.25 mils to 4 mils depending on the size and style. Because of the EVA blend, a high mil thickness is not required to achieve optimum strength.
All Whirl Pak® bags feature "puncture proof tabs". This means that the tape on the tab extends past the ends of the wire. The result is no sharp points, which puncture the bags or cause damage to skin or gloves.
By whirling or tightly folding the tab over three times, the Whirl Pak®bag becomes a leakproof container, which: Eliminates the loss of a valuable liquid sample, which creates a mess, and possible need to collect a new sample. Prevents impurities from entering the bag and thereby contaminating the sample.
Bag capacity is based on the volume of liquid the bag will hold after the tab has been folded over three times. All sizes and dimensions are approximate and should not be used for detailed weighing or measuring. 

All sizes and styles are sold in boxes of 500 bags.

Code Capacity


B01009WA 2 oz. 3" x 5" 2.5 mil
B00679WA 4 oz. 3" x 7.25" 2.25 mil
B00992WA 7 oz. 3.75" x 7" 3.0 mil
B01018WA 13 oz. 5.25" x 7.55" 3.0 mil
B00736WA 18 oz. 4.5" x 9" 2.5 mil
B01020WA 24 oz. 6" x 9" 3.0 mil
B00990WA 27 oz. 5" x 12" 3.0 mil
B00994WA 36 oz. 5" x 15" 3.0 mil
B01027WA 42 oz. 6" x 15" 3.0 mil

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