Wireless Thermometer

Wireless Thermometer

  • $59.50


PINPOINT® Wireless Thermometer will measure the temperature at the waterproof probe tip on the remote sensor(s), utilizing a radio wave signal, and will display the temperature in Fº or Cº degrees. PINPOINT® Wireless Thermometer can accept a maximum of 4 remote sensors, thus expanding the monitoring capability to 4 different locations to be displayed on the same PINPOINT® Temperature Display Monitorr (2-AAA batteries are required, but not included, for the meter and 2-AAA are required for each remote sensor). AC operation is not an option here because of the efficient power management of the electronics. Battery life is approximately 2 years.

  • Remote Sensors can transmit temperature signals as far as 100 feet (30 Meters) in optimum conditions.
  • The monitor and remote sensor are powered by two AAA batteries each.
  • Monitor accepts up to four remote temperature sensors.
  • Display Range: –50 Cº to +70 Cº, –58 Fº to +158 Fº Resolution: 0.1 Cº, 0.2 Fº

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