Wisconsin Style Plankton Nets

  • $949.00

Order by Mesh (Micron) Size. Some common sizes may be in stock. Other sizes could take 6-8 weeks for delivery.

The high-efficiency reduction collar of this net enables quantitative vertical plankton hauls. The nylon collar is supported open by double stainless steel rings (20 cm and 30 cm diameter) and is sewn to a 30 cm diameter x 90 cm long Nitex nylon plankton net.

Net Includes:
-Plankton Net: Nitex mesh, with quadruple stitched seams, reinforced cod-end aperture, HD collar with grommets; mouth to length ratio: 1:3

-Stainless Steel Ring and Three Point Bridle: ring diameters (cm): 20 & 30 cm

-PVC Collecting Bucket: Two piece PVC design with stainless steel fasteners

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